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Kiana Gadson, LCSW

Summary: Approach to Therapy Kiana Gadson, is a licensed clinical social worker for the state of Florida, and a licensed independent clinical social worker for the state of Massachusetts. She has been practicing in the field of social work for the past 12 years and is currently completing her Doctor of Social Work with a concentration and leadership at the University of Kentucky. As a passionate advocate for community development and [...]

Julianne R. Kivlin, LMSW

Summary: Approach to Therapy I believe in the importance of feeling secure with your clinician, and I strive for my clients to feel safe, heard and validated during every session with me. My approach encompasses both behavioral and psychodynamic theories, or an integrated approach, meaning we can address current thought patterns and behaviors and work collectively on short-term goals and solutions, while also considering your personality, family history, and experiences to [...]

Debra Morra, LCSW

Summary: Approach to Therapy Using an eclectic approach tailored to your needs and strengths, I can help you to develop a non-judgmental curiosity about feelings, beliefs and issues that stand in the way of achieving your goals. Delving deeper into what makes you ‘tick’ empowers you to shift from a reactive stance to pro-active one, giving you more freedom, more choice, and ultimately a life in which you feel more relaxed, [...]

Makeda Woods-Deans, LMSW

Summary: About my approach (style) to therapy… Healing begins with taking time to understand your specific challenges and needs. I integrate multiple models specifically catered to your needs and values. This includes but is not limited to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialect behavioral therapy (DBT), acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), and life coaching. I have two masters; Human Service and Counseling with the focus of marriage and family and Social Work. I’ve [...]

Kurtis Garvin, LMFT

Summary: My ApproachMy approach to therapy is that I want anyone who comes to see me to enjoy the experience while also taking something away from it that enriches their lives for the better. I utilize an eclectic style of therapy, using Cognitive Behavioral, Gestalt, Emotionally Focused, and Bowenian approaches. I take a strength-based perspective into my work and am client-focused.BackgroundI completed my Bachelors at Suny Fredonia of NY and [...]

Jon Buffington LCSW, LADAC II, NCAC II

Summary: About my approach (style) to therapy… Therapy is a journey.  Individuals come to therapy to heal relationships.  Oftentimes this is due to traumatic events or relationships. Trauma comes in many shapes, forms and often impedes relationships.  Whether that relationship is with self, with others (such as spouses, family or others) or just a general lacking of connectedness to this existence we call life.  Therapy is a way to form a [...]