Carol Wong, MS, RD

Clinician Bio


I earned my BA in Clinical Nutrition from UC Davis (2010), MS in Nutrition & Dietetics (emphasis in Nutrition Education) from Eastern Illinois University (2017) and completed my 1200-hour Dietetic Internship (2017) through Carle Foundation Hospital in Champaign, IL.


My gentle and supportive style stems from my personal weight struggles in childhood. I grew up in an Asian household where love was shown through calorie dense foods that led me to living life as an obese adolescent. I tried every “fat blasting diet” I could find to lose weight and be at peace with my body. With my personal experience in sorting through misinformation and struggling to lose weight, I take a hands-on, welcoming approach with kindness and respect to a client’s past. I support clients to thrive in their wellness journey by helping to customize their favorite foods, tailored to their unique nutritional needs, that leave my clients confident in independently making food decisions.

By getting to know my client’s lifestyle, members of the household, food preferences and comfort level with cooking and food prep, I coach my clients to learn how to work through food triggers, practice mindful eating, and re-establish their relationship with food. Ultimately, they do not feel deprived and are able to keep the weight off, living a healthier and happier life.

Ideal Clients

Most of my clients have dealt with some form of alienation, social anxiety, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting or demoralization; but feel a sense of liberation after working together. Clients have complimented my light-hearted style of teaching, where I utilize creative methods to reinforce scientific concepts. Clients report that they are grateful to finally receive education and explanation, rather than orders and tasks.

My most successful clients have a strong “why”, are motivated to learn positive lifestyle changes for them and their families and are open to trying new foods and recipes. My clients desire and deserve individualized support and accountability. I take pride in serving clients who are willing to ride the emotional and physical roller coaster to conquer food triggers, find alternatives and reach out for support. They compassionately take the time to see results on the scale and celebrate non-scale victories. They also know to give themselves grace when the scale doesn’t reflect their hard work.

About Me

When I’m not spoiling my nephew or being a mad kitchen scientist, I enjoy practicing mind-body exercises like Pilates and yoga. I feel relaxed and recharged when taking time for myself to realign my mind, body, spirit and breath. The flow and concentration required allows me to find centering and balance in my life. I love the physical and mental strength required to perform movements precisely and feel a sense of accomplishment. The principles I learn on the mat are applicable to life and mirrored throughout my counseling sessions.  

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    Therapy Approaches:
    • Coaching
    Phone: 959-210-6800
    Meeting Options:
    • Telehealth
    Age Range:
    • Children (0-12)
    • Teens (13-17)
    • Adults (18+)
    • Adults (65+)
    Individual Session Fee: $150.00
    • Insurance
    • Sliding Scale
    • Self Pay Options / Out of Network